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The battle to reclaim a life of sobriety is the toughest you will ever fight. It is never an easy road to recover from drug addiction, but you can make the journey easier by getting help from our substance abuse treatment facility. Drug rehab centers make getting clean easier. Instead of fighting the battle on your own, you will be surrounded by staff and clients who all want you to succeed in your recovery. Come see how tremendous it feels getting sober at our addiction treatment facility in Aurora, Colorado.

Dual Diagnosis and Treatment

Inside our Aurora, Colorado addiction recovery center, you will receive a mental health evaluation as part of your treatment. Most people who battle addiction also battle at least one mental health condition. Because of this, we evaluate our client mental health condition when they come into our facility. This way, we can make sure our clients get the mental health treatment they need to keep their recovery free of avoidable complications.

We Provide You a Feeling of Safety

When you enter our Aurora, Colorado addiction recovery facility, you enter a pocket of safety that will keep your recovery sheltered. From the moment you enter our drug detox clinic, we will do everything we can to ensure you feel safe at all times. While you are with us, you only need to ask for us to make any necessary modifications to make you feel safe. You need to have this sense of security so that you feel comfortable opening up during your treatment.

A Sense of Community

One of the places where it is most important to open up while you are in recovery is during group. Group therapy is the foundation of our addiction recovery program at the Gray Institute in Aurora, Colorado. When you are in group, you will share things that are profoundly personal with your fellow clients. The sense of community this builds is incredible. Group will give you the knowledge and strength you need to successfully keep following the sober path.

The Process of Rehab

When you enter our Aurora, Colorado drug rehab facility, you will gain access to a wealth of resources to aid in your recovery. We have a top-notch drug detox clinic where you can undergo managed detox that gives you a safe environment to go through withdrawal comfortably. We provide you with counselors and a wide range of therapies.

We also make your transition back to the outside world as seamless as possible. It is important that you work hard when you leave rehab to avoid temptations and falling back into old patterns. With our aftercare programs, you always have a resource you can turn to as you make your way back into your everyday life.

Creating Your Ideal Treatment Plan

When you come to our addiction treatment center in Aurora, Colorado, you will be provided with an addiction recovery program that is specifically designed for you. We tailor your treatment to meet your unique needs for recovery. We monitor your treatment as you progress through rehab, refining it to provide you with the best possible addiction recovery experience at all times.

There come moments in your life where you stand at crossroads. When you reach these crossroads, it is essential that you move in the right direction. When you are sick of bearing the burden of drug addiction, turn to our expert addiction recovery treatment in Aurora, Colorado. Our great staff will provide you with caring help that you can count on during your journey to sobriety. If you are sick of bowing to the needs of your addiction, come experience how beautiful sobriety can be when you turn towards recovery.

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