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People who have issues with substance abuse often feel they are no longer in control of their lives. They may act out strangely and behave in ways that are very destructive. All of this can greatly strain relationships, while also leading to job loss, financial problems, and divorce. People who are undergoing the stress of a life lived under the influence of intoxicants often come to a point where they would do anything to get well and get sober. It’s for these people that the many drug rehab centers now available in the United States were created.

At the Gray Institute, our substance abuse treatment facility in Manhasset, New York, we aim to provide a center that specializes in offering inpatient services for people in need of help achieving long-lasting sobriety. This is a drug rehab facility that is dedicated to working closely with a client and offering both clinical and psychological support for those who want to recover.

Our drug rehab facility in Manhasset, New York utilizes dual diagnosis mental health treatment to treat applicable clients. This is helpful, as it has been discovered that half of people who have substance abuse problems also have a co-occurring mental health disorder, as well. These two separate problems can feed on each other in a dangerous way, which is why our addiction recovery center seeks to bring treatment to both problems, in order to provide recovery that is truly lasting.

Individualized Help

Clients who seek help at the Gray Institute addiction recovery facility in Manhasset, New York will be given an evaluation as they enter into treatment. This will help our staff create an individualized treatment plan that will focus on the areas in which the client needs additional support.

The Process in the Drug Detox Clinic

Addiction recovery at the clinic will start with the detoxification process, in which the client stops using intoxicants in a carefully supervised setting. Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can bring on serious symptoms, including vomiting, fever, diarrhea, shakes and extreme anxiety, so it is critical that this process is closely supervised. An experienced healthcare professional will be supporting the client and supervising the process the entire time the detoxification takes place. Once the client has recovered, they will begin the therapeutic process.


The counseling services in our addiction treatment facility can include one-on-one therapy as well as group meetings. In every setting, the client will be encouraged to speak freely and honestly about the challenges they are facing, knowing that they have the full support of their counselor and the other group members.

Other activities will also be provided for clients that will help them engage body and mind in ways they may have neglected while intoxicated. These can include art classes, hiking, yoga, horseback riding, and more.

After Care

After the course of treatment has finished at the facility, the client will prepare for ongoing work towards maintaining recovery on the outside. Some clients may be encouraged to seek care in a group home. Others will continue with some forms of counseling or a 12-step program. All will be advised by counselors in the facility so that the best plan can be created for them.

Help is Out There

If substance abuse is a problem, there is help available for all who need it. Recovering from a substance abuse problem isn’t easy, but it is possible for those who seek help. Our addiction treatment center offers expert care and support for those who embark on the journey towards sobriety. Contact our addiction recovery program for more information on healing and recovery today. We are here to help you on your journey towards wholeness.

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