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Making the decision to enter a drug rehab clinic is the first step in getting clean. It can be a frightening experience, especially if you've never been in an addiction treatment center before. The more you know about what to expect, the better prepared you'll be and more smoothly the process will go. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Cambridge, Massachusetts, drug addiction treatment facility.

What Is An Addiction Recovery Program?

Also called drug rehab centers, addiction treatment programs are structured programs designed to get you sober and help you to stay that way.

Why Do People Go To A Substance Abuse Treatment Center?

You may have entered treatment on your own, or you may have experienced consequences related to using that range from losing your job and losing your family to almost losing your life. In most cases, people who enter drug rehab have decided that the cost of addiction is no longer worth the price.

What Can An Addiction Recovery Center Offer Me?

The purpose of our program is to help people who are struggling with addiction to let go of substance abuse and replace it with a sober, healthy life. Our recovery programs provide treatment that's geared to your individual needs. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. You will be screened for any co-occurring disorders to see if you would benefit from dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Your treatment plan will likely involve supervised detox, group therapy, individual counseling, drug and alcohol education, relapse prevention and an aftercare plan.

What Does Drug Detox Involve?

Detox is typically the first phase of treatment at our Cambridge, Massachusetts, addiction recovery facility. You will receive professionally supervised detox services as your body purges itself of drugs and alcohol. Your detox experience will be determined by the substances you've been using, how much you've been using, and how long you've been using.

Withdrawal symptoms can range from unpleasant to dangerous. That's why we caution our clients against detoxing without professional supervision. We'll keep you as comfortable as possible, and because you'll be monitored around the clock, the risks can be minimized.

What Kind Of Therapy Will I Receive?

Therapy will be based on your in-depth assessment and your personal treatment plan. Cognitive, behavioral, individual, and group therapies are typically part of the treatment process. If you have a co-occurring disorder, your therapy will address that as well.

At our Cambridge, Massachusetts substance abuse treatment facility, we stress a community spirit and connection with others. Our clients are encouraged to see recovery as a group process that involves exploring the pain, trauma, abuse, and other issues that may have contributed to their addiction.

Receiving support from others fosters a spirit of unity, allowing our clients can see themselves as part of a support team rather than isolated individuals struggling with addiction alone. In our facility, you’ll find a safe, stress-free and comfortable environment where you can feel free of outside demands and focus instead on your own recovery.

How Do I Maintain Recovery After Rehab?

All of our drug rehab facility clients receive aftercare plans that are closely tailored to their needs. Aftercare can involve additional treatment as an outpatient, sober living arrangements, group therapy and individual therapy. Clients are also encouraged to connect with support groups after discharge and to get involved with the recovering community in the Cambridge, Massachusetts, area.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, you don’t need to keep dealing with substance abuse for another moment. Don’t throw in the towel, contact the Gray Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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