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Addiction is a chronic disease that pushes individuals to continue to use drugs or alcohol despite the negative consequences for themselves and the people around them. Addiction is not a lack of willpower, a moral failing, or a sign of poor character. Drug and excessive alcohol use actually change the brain and make quitting extremely difficult, even for a person who is motivated to do so.

Because of this, finding the right substance abuse treatment facility is essential. And at the Gray Institute in Diamond Bar, California, we understand that just as addiction itself is a process, so is addiction recovery. We help clients through that entire process, starting with supervised detox to help in the acute withdrawal phase. As a drug detox clinic, we know the importance of managing this phase in such a way as to protect physical health and guard against medical complications. Despite the physical damage that substance abuse can cause, unmonitored detox is frequently too risky, a skilled drug rehab facility is needed to provide appropriate oversight in a safe and well-maintained environment.

After this initial withdrawal phase is successfully completed, our addiction recovery program addresses other target areas in order to help clients achieve lasting freedom from substance abuse. Our professionals combine technical expertise with genuine caring and compassion in order to treat the whole client and not simply the addiction. Recovery is seen as more than simply abstention from substance abuse, it is a full return to the client’s potential in both the personal and professional realms. This view of recovery is accompanied by the realization that treatment must be an ongoing process that intervenes in various areas and through various modalities, both within the addiction recovery center itself and at the aftercare program selected for continuing treatment.

Clients can expect individualized treatment plans that address their own unique needs, strengths, and circumstances, but they will also participate in group interventions that encourage mutual support. Staff work to ensure respect and confidentiality in these group settings so that clients can speak honestly about their addiction recovery journeys, and can feel safe and comfortable while doing so. These open and honest disclosures are viewed as critical to the recovery process, and we are committed to providing a secure environment at our addiction treatment facility, an environment in which clients can share their thoughts and feelings freely.

Substance addiction frequently co-occurs with other mental disorders, such as depression or anxiety, and it may be associated with past exposure to traumatic experiences. When clients suffer from both substance addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder, it presents a set of additional challenges. Scientific research has consistently indicated that the most effective method of treatment in these instances is dual diagnosis treatment. In other words, treatment will work best if it focuses on both or all diagnoses, rather than simply on the substance addiction or on the other mental health disorders.

At the Gray Institute in Diamond Bar, California, we are more than simply an addiction treatment center. We are skilled at dual diagnosis treatment and understand the synergy between substance abuse and mental disorder, and the way that each issue can exacerbate the symptoms of the other. Our treatment professionals also address dual diagnosis concerns in relapse prevention planning so that a recurrence of mental health symptoms does not lead inevitably to substance abuse relapse or vice versa.

Looking for the right addiction recovery facility can be a daunting challenge during an already difficult time. People struggling with addiction may resist the idea that they need help or treatment, and they may be opposed to entering drug rehab centers. This resistance is normal. However, with our network of facilities in multiple locations, the expertise of our compassionate staff, and the quality of our dual diagnosis treatment, we aim to provide the ideal atmosphere in which to recover from addiction.

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