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The Journey to Sobriety

One of the toughest problems to solve in our society is the issue of substance abuse. Substance abuse has proven to be a major problem in cities and communities all across the United States, as certain substances have become more and more available to people of all ages. Whether the problem is with drugs, alcohol, or both, the many drug rehab centers that have sprung up across the United States are a testament to the need for people to get the treatment that is necessary for recovery.

The Gray Institute, our substance abuse treatment facility in Cary, North Carolina, was created as a drug rehab facility to help those whose lives are being torn down by a reliance on dangerous intoxicants. The professionals here at our addiction recovery center are committed to helping those who need it get help to achieve lasting sobriety. Through a combination of therapeutic and clinical support, addiction recovery can be achieved, but it takes time and true commitment on the part of the client.

When a client enters into treatment at our addiction recovery facility, they will be given a full therapeutic assessment in order to establish an individualized plan. This plan will involve a combination of clinical and psychological support, depending on the client’s situation. Once this plan has been set in place, the treatment work will begin.

Detoxification at the Addiction Treatment Center

Our addiction treatment facility in Cary, North Carolina will begin a course of treatment by having the client undergo detoxification in the drug detox clinic. The side effects of withdrawal from intoxicants can be serious, which is why the addiction recovery program here in Cary, North Carolina provides ongoing clinical supervision and support during the process.

Side effects can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shakiness, fevers, sweating and extreme anxiety. It’s very important for the client to be cleansed of intoxicants, but the process must be supervised and done slowly to avoid serious effects from the withdrawal. Once the process has been completed, the client will then move into the next phase of recovery.

Therapy and Counseling For Recovery

A client who is undergoing treatment at the Gray Institute will begin the real work of recovery as counseling begins. Depending on the individual plan, the client will enter into a program of one-on-one counseling, group therapy, or perhaps a combination of both. Everyone involved in these counseling sessions will be encouraged to speak openly about their situation and to know they are supported as they work for their sobriety. The community support that is offered in these group sessions has proven invaluable in the progress each group member makes on their path to healing.

Along with these therapy sessions, other activities are encouraged. These can include group hikes, nature walks, and other physically challenging activities like yoga and fitness classes. All of these help the client engage with themselves and others in ways they may have neglected while they were involved in substance abuse. Reconnecting with the body and mind in a new way is a huge part of healing and awakening after being under the influence of intoxicants.

After Clinical Care

Once a client has completed their course of care, they will prepare to continue their progress on the outside. Some clients will be in need of help with an aftercare program that supports their sobriety, and they will have assistance making this plan before they leave. Some clients may go to a group home setting to continue their care, and some will continue with outpatient therapy and twelve step classes. What’s needed is for the client to know that recovery never really stops, it is a process that continues.

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