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Our drug rehab center is operated by a staff of caring, compassionate individuals. These hard-working professionals are critical for the development and improvement of community. Substance abuse treatment facilities provide solutions for individuals and families torn apart by the tragic consequences of crippling addictions. Sometimes, people experience extremely painful symptoms immediately after cessation of drug use. In these cases, it proves very difficult for people to maintain drug abstinence on their own.

Fortunately, the Gray Institute provides a detox center to provide clients with safe, supportive places to detoxify their bodies. When seeking out a drug rehab facility in San Jose, California, it is important to identify a facility with an excellent professional reputation. These top-notch facilities will be able to provide adequate care for dual diagnosis clients. These are individuals who simultaneously deal with addiction and an additional co-occurring mental health issue.

The best rehab centers provide truly diverse services to meet the needs of clients from all walks of life. The Gray Institute, our rehab center in San Jose, California is far more than a traditional rehabilitation facility. On the contrary, this is a full-fledged detox, counseling, mental health, and addiction recovery center. We are will provide comprehensive addiction services into the indefinite future.

Long-lasting addiction recovery requires clients to honestly air their issues and problems with trained counselors. It is far easier to do this in an addiction recovery program that is truly welcoming and comfortable. We are confident we have mastered the art of properly managing an addiction recovery facility. Each addiction treatment center we manage provides services that combine into a seamless, effective whole. Physical detox is the first part of this process. Next comes rehabilitation, a period of intensive therapy, and self-reflection in a safe, sober environment.

Throughout the world, addiction can cause heartache and frustration. By providing a rehab and drug detox clinic in San Jose, we hope to help make the world a better place. Although our clients have many types of substance abuse problems, they are united by their collective need for change. Our well-renowned facilities have helped many people achieve long lasting sobriety. With the help of an addiction treatment facility, it is possible to gradually reunite broken families and rekindle damaged relationships.

Clients must recognize that after completing rehab programs successfully, aftercare is crucial. Our post-rehab counseling and therapy helps the client turn success into lifelong change. Our aftercare is particularly helpful for people who face major, sudden challenges in their lives. Individuals with addictions typically spend years using substance abuse to cope with trauma. Naturally, this strategy for coping is deeply counterproductive and almost certainly doomed to fail. Continuing aftercare helps people learn more sustainable ways of coping with life struggles.

At the Gray Institute, our aftercare can provide a useful transitional period between rehab life and the world at large. Counseling is perhaps the most important part of any aftercare program. Although every client should celebrate as they achieve milestones in the recovery process, it is a common trap for clients to feel as though they can easily become "cured" of addiction. Though people can achieve permanent sobriety, it is best to view recovery from addiction as a long-term, ongoing process. Many experts recommend that clients should continue to receive aftercare for at least six months after completing rehabilitation programs. Of course, individual treatment plans and treatment schedules vary depending on the needs of each individual client.

Besides individual counseling sessions, aftercare at the Gray Institute can include group meetings, personal education, and recreational outings with other sober people. Specialized aftercare services are targeted for age ranges. Other aftercare services treat specific types of substance abuse. We ensure that all of our clients are able to find the aftercare needed to make the most of rehabilitation services. Finding an outstanding substance abuse treatment facility is just the first step in the recovery process. However, taking this first step can lead to incredibly comprehensive personal change.

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